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“My favourite artworks are the ones I can lose myself in. A stunningly detailed screen print, a landscape created from an artist’s imagination or the perfect composition of a moment in time caught on camera. I have selected six artists who all evoke a sense of place in my own imagination and a calmness to the busy everyday life we all lead.”

Claire Turner, CCA Founder


Katherine Beefheart is a self-taught embroiderer from Manchester who uses cross stitch to express, occasionally sweary, philosophy. Overheard snippets of conversations, song lyrics, film quotes and choice words from her own thoughts on the world around her form the basis of her work.


Paul Bennett’s seascape/landscape paintings are looking at the idea of a wild and natural world. Paul has not represented specific places, but is trying to capture a general sense of place and time. The focus is more entwined with atmosphere and the suggestion of location. People that view these paintings can project their own memories of a place and react with elements that feel familiar. The paintings are there to be explored.



Andrew Magee creates beautiful work that at once confronts and inspires the viewer by combining classicism and occult and esoteric imagery. His recent screen prints examine relationships between light and dark, revealing and hiding areas through successive layers of ink through silkscreens to highlight or obscure elements. He has developed glazing techniques to fully explore the possibilities of depth in printmaking and to create unique and desirable artworks and images. 


Jacqui's practice focuses on multiples and repetitions to explore perception and observation of the surrounding world, encouraging the viewer to approach the familiar in a new and more considered way. She is fascinated by the intricate and the detail, which comes though in all aspects of her work, including printmaking, surface design, installation and sculpture.


His painting process is complex: working from photographs taken from magazines, life and film stills. Each image is dis-assembled and de-constructed from the original source and context then re-assembled. The images are re-edited to create new narratives, which exist only on the painted surface of his works. Characters are given the freedom to interact with themselves and/or different backdrops, manipulating the time and space that they originally inhabited.


Robert Walker is struck by the emptiness, the exhaustion, the excess of weather and although a small number of people live and work in Dungeness, Robert chooses not to notice them. The area feels out of sync, self contained and beyond conventions, all of which he finds surprisingly liberating. Robert began the project in 2011 and over the course of his visits many of the “ buildings “ have literally disappeared, destroyed by the unforgiving environment and unrelenting winds.

The exhibition runs from:

Wednesday 10th May until Tuesday 19th June 2017


Please call the CCA Gallery on 0161 273 5495 for any sales enquiries, thank you.


Claire Turner

CCA Founder

The Lowry Hotel 

50 Dearmans Place | Salford | Manchester | M3 5LH


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