Following the success of Adrian Pritchard's exhibition Terraforma at the Grundy Gallery in 2018, Terranova is an extended version of this incorporating new additional works.  Made from translucent epoxy resins the paintings that make up this exhibition explore the artist’s ongoing interest in physics, space exploration and the fluidity and flexibility of the medium itself. 

Deeply rooted in and inspired by his ongoing research into extrasolar planets (Exoplanets), the paintings that make up Terranova demonstrate the scientific approach that the artist takes to his work. Pouring resins and metallic pigments onto rounded discs, the artist physically manipulates the paint by tipping and turning it. Over time, and as a result of chemistry and gravity, the materials then settle into their own shapes and patterns creating multi-layered compositions that reference the dynamic and ever-changing surface of planets. 

Terranova meaning "new land" explores the discovery of these new worlds much of which have been discovered by the KEPLER space observatory launched by NASA. Its Adrian's goal to twin these discoveries with his own creations and  attempt to visualise these new worlds like precious jewels. Since 2018 there are now 3869 such recorded planets.

Adrian Pritchard (b. Garstang, 1973) lives and works in Blackpool. 
His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in both solo and group exhibitions. He began his professional career as an artist in Cornwall in 1998. In 1999 he was awarded the British Academy AHRB scholarship to study a Masters Degree at the Slade School of Art. He was shortlisted for the John Ruskin Art Prize (2012); awarded the visitors choice award at the Neo Art Prize (2013) and an Arts Council England grant enabling him to tour his kinetic art works (2015). Adrian was awarded membership of the Kinetica Museum 2017. 

"I make work that attempts to redefine our relationship with matter by using gravity, the very force that universally dictates form. By working with the tensions between friction and fluidity, the dynamic and the static, the imposed geometry of the support/venue and the inherent viscosity of commercial substances, I explore the on-going visual aesthetic. Just as a research scientist sets up the parameters of an experiment, I set up the ground upon which the interaction of self-regarding man and nature can take place, and the resulting work moves from matter to metaphor.” Adrian Pritchard




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