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Rebecca's work is about painting, the seductiveness and sensuousness of pushing paint on canvas. She is attracted to the colourful the ephemeral and the kitsch, and constructs paintings with strong elements of light and colour that resonates with the subject and its medium.


Candiminium is an amalgamation of the words 'candy' and ‘cadmium’. The latter being a substance used in artists pigments, and the former alluding to the subject matter, whether it is saccharine for the mouth or the eyes.


Rebecca studied at Manchester Metropolitan University gaining a BA (hons) for painting and an MA in Fine Art. Since then, she has been featured in exhibitions in London, Liverpool and abroad, and has had three successful solo shows with Comme Ca Art.


She also practices as a Character Designer and Illustrator.


The exhibition runs from:

Thursday 20th October until Tuesday 29th November 2016


Please call the CCA Gallery on 0161 273 5495 for any sales enquiries, thank you.


Claire Turner

CCA Founder

The Lowry Hotel 

50 Dearmans Place | Salford | Manchester | M3 5LH


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