The opening exhibition of 2016 sees the works of four artists who, through different artistic interpretations, use the human form as the subject of their works. 


One artist uses their own image to portray their works. Two artists use famous faces, whilst the other artist uses imagery from a bygone era. Using different techniques; painting, photography and collage, the works in exhibition glimpse at the personal side of the sitter and the outward image they wish to present to the viewer. 



Creating collage pieces from textures and materials, Blanchard had always been interested in painting, graphics and typography but creating his own artistic language has been his focus. Blanchard explains, “My art is full of my influences, it’s a language that is personal to me.” As a non-conformist artist, his signature has become a meddling of images and assemblages. Combining surrealism with pop culture, Blanchard’s nudes are suspended in canvases adorned with butterflies, a recurring motif that appears in Blanchard’s work. 



‘A consummate storyteller, Tracey Emin engages the viewer with her candid exploration of universal emotions. Well-known for her confessional art, Tracey Emin reveals intimate details from her life to engage the viewer with her expressions of universal emotions. Her ability to integrate her work and personal life enables Emin to establish an intimacy with the viewer.’ - The Saatchi Gallery



Over a year in the making, the project has been as much a challenge in making contact with the subjects and has taken Joe all over the country - to visiting the musician's houses and studios, to backstage at arena concerts and festivals and as far as Las Vegas to meet Brandon Flowers.

Speaking on the idea behind the pieces, Joe said "I've tried to root each painting in a tradition of painted portraiture - each piece has a quiet, still and almost introspective feel to them. I'd tried to capture the way that each person held themselves when I met them, usually I didn't give the musicians a great deal of direction, or plan how I wanted the piece to turn out. These paintings have a physicality to them that you don't get with a photograph, the paint has a specific weight and application - you can see layers and brush marks in the hair and skin tones.



Robert is a revered commercial photographer. Well known sitters have included Dame Vivienne Westwood, Quentin Crisp, Frank Sidebottom and also Take That, later becoming one of their official photographers. Robert has exhibited internationally and was delighted when the National Portrait Gallery selected his work for their permanent collection.


And of course, all of the artworks are for sale! 

Please call the CCA Gallery on 0161 273 5495 for any sales enquiries, thank you.


Claire Turner

CCA Founder

The Lowry Hotel 

50 Dearmans Place | Salford | Manchester | M3 5LH

The exhibition continues until Tuesday 8th March 2016 

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