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The exhibition continues until

Tuesday 17th November 2015 


Selected Artist / Printmakers from Hot Bed Press Printmakers Studio in Salford




CCA has been a great admirer of Hot Bed Press for many years. This Not For Profit organisation runs a whole host of events, workshops and artist studios from it’s base in Salford. 


In 2014, CCA Gallery Director, Claire Turner, was asked to select the works for the Hot Bed Press Stand at the Buy Art Fair. It was during her visit to select the works Claire decided approach the organisation about a collaborative exhibition. “I felt as though I had walked into an Aladdin’s Cave of the most beautiful and eclectic range of prints I had ever seen. Over a hundred prints were laid out for me to choose from and it was the hardest curated selection I’ve ever had to make. I knew right there and then I wanted to show more of this work through CCA.”


Having worked with HBP’s Operations Manager, Andrew Magee, on a number of exhibitions of his own works over the years, CCA invited Andrew to co-curate an exhibition of selected Hot Bed Press Artist / Printmakers. 


The Artist / Printmakers in the exhibition are: 

Jez Dolan, Robert Helnow, Samuel Horsley, Gwilym Hughes,

Jacqui Symons and Andrew Magee. 


“Over recent years we have witnessed a small revolution in the popularity of traditional printmaking across our city with many artists adopting print as their primary or as a complimentary mode of practice. 


This may be due to a number of reasons, socio-economic, aesthetic or the relative speed with which prints can be made and disseminated in comparison with slower techniques such as painting or sculpture. 


We are seeing a shift from digital reproduction back to more intimate and occasionally haphazard modes of printing that capture the imperfection of the artist’s own hand and the unpredictability of using out moded technologies to produce artwork in limited, highly collectable editions that are at once accessible to the art collector and the average person on the street.” Andrew Magee


Hot Bed Press Printmaking studio is now in it’s 21st year since being founded in 1994. In 2008 the workshop underwent a significant transformation from being a small artist led studio group, evolving to become a leader in its field and centre of excellence for printmaking. The workshop now has over 250 members and runs year long courses in printmaking and book arts alongside over 50 evening and weekend workshops. They work on a regular basis with universities and colleges alongside established artists. Their philosophy that anyone can be a printmaker has opened up creativity to people across the region and their membership continues to flourish.

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