Layla Sailor lives in Manchester and works internationally. 


After completing a Degree in Photography at MMU in 2005, she has continued to combine commercial fashion photography with fine art and print making, receiving an Honorable mention at the 2009 & 2013 IPA Awards and the Grand Prize for ‘Art Takes Paris’ 2013.


Inspired by cinematography and religious iconography, she creates Hyper-Realistic, dreamlike works that reference traditional crafts, sexuality and politics.


“‘Kokoshnik’ is my ongoing personal project that is in its 3rd year. It started out as a way to show pattern design in a different way, and then developed into more of a personal vision. There are a lot of elements that went into the original work that were from my idealism of Russia throughout history. I looked into historic decorative folk crafts in Russia and found the Kokoshnik.


The project has now turned into an exploration of worldwide email traditional crafts, religious iconography and the female icon as a symbol that can be subverted. Some of the work has been used in protest posters for Pussy Riot and Artists Support Ukraine and has been very successful at communicating a political message worldwide.


It is a celebration of the beauty of iconography, but also a discussion about the use of the strong female image in politics and religion, and the reaction this can provoke.”



Harvey Nichols