Neil’s intricate drawings of Manchester’s sprawling streets are drawn on site. From high above the city from a birds eye view at the top of a tower, to down on the ground from a person’s own perspective of the city.


Neil captures seasons, the crazy mix of architecture, fashionable neighbourhoods and Manchester’s unique blend of bridges, which intersperse the Manchester Ship Canal.


Once the drawings are complete, Neil collaborates with the much admired printer, William Chitham. The drawings are scanned, digitised, scaled up and a bright colour palette is added to the final artworks.


Each series of drawings are displayed in individual panel prints, with the landscape flowing through the panels to create magnificent 360 degree views of the city. The scale of Neil’s works, the largest being 6 metres in length, also adds to the impressive perspectives of this ever changing cityscape.


For his exhibition at the Lowry Hotel, CCA are exhibiting three of his most prominent works;


MALHER, drawn during 2010 in celebration of Malher’s 150th Anniversary of his birth.


HOME, drawn from the 24th Floor of Bruntwood’s City Tower.


BRIDGES, 4 bridges drawn durning the four seasons throughout one year.



The Lowry Hotel