Comme Ca Art’s newest exhibition at Harvey Nichols Second Floor Restaurant, Brasserie and Bar showcases a selection of delightful oil paintings by Rebecca Davy.


Rebecca Davy’s primary concern when creating her artworks is the act of painting itself. Her focus is on what she describes as “the seductiveness and sensuousness of pushing paint on canvas”. She is particularly attracted to painting the colourful, the ephemeral and the kitsch, constructing paintings with a strong element of light and colour that satisfies both the subject and its medium.


For her exhibition at Harvey Nichols, Rebecca is showcasing two completely different subject matters. Moving on from her successful ‘Gingerbread House’ series, Rebecca started to paint cakes, cupcakes, gateau, gooey buns, even using the HN Bakery’s own cupcakes as her muse. For her, sticky and colourful things such as cakes and icing are good subjects for the visceral quality of oil paint on canvas.


Her most recent paintings are of Hummel-esque figurines, inspired by those seen in her grandparents house as a child. They are a source of fascination because while they are cute to the point of saccharine, to Rebecca they also have undertones of the eerie and uncanny.


Her subject matter could almost make her paintings seem rather twee but Rebecca’s talent and confidence in the use of oil paint creates a new realm between the kitsch and the hyper real. 

Rebecca is one of the most accomplished artists working with oil paint on the current Manchester art scene.



Harvey Nichols