This Fair Land and Abstract Sea 

Edward Aldon | Susan Aggarwal



Edward and Susan have a very different approach to their painting process. Edward’s landscapes evoke a feeling of impressionism in the beauty of his brush strokes, whilst Susan’s abstract seascapes rely on her bold use of colour and mark making on the canvas. 


Whilst these differences are more than apparent in their finished paintings, their relationship with nature is more than evident in their works. Seasonal colours, emotive mark making and imaginary land and seascapes, without name or place, leave the viewer’s imagination wide open to their own interpretations and memories of places once visited. 




“My aim is to express the fluidity of the ever changing landscape, capturing the emotive forces of colour, light, form, textures and movement.  


Using traditional oil on canvas materials and using bold marks and colours, which offer an immediate emotional response from the viewer in a similar way to impressionist and expressionist art. The surface and the paint marks leave a seductive history illustrating human production and physical response.


The paintings themselves are created using multiple layers of paint and glazes to create a depth and a richness that can only be achieved with oil paint. Due to the layering of the paint and the drying time of the oil colour I am able to respond to the works over time, which is illustrated on the painted surface.


Fine detail would render these paintings in a similar way to a photograph, flat and devoid of emotion leaving little room for expression; my aim is to create a human response not just a representational one, which the camera can do better.


The finished works become fictional places, almost like a memory, with their lack of fine detail but with an emotional reality reminiscent to us all of beautiful, peaceful and calming locations.”

Edward Aldon




Enthused by nature and her passion for creativity, Susan Aggarwal loves to explore wonderful colours and textures with an abundant sense of freedom. Her collection of expressive work is a very personal representation of Susan’s very own experience of life, beauty, the natural world and her artistic response to it. 


“The collection on show represents my love for life. For it is the experience and emotion which I seek to capture in my work. A joyous abundance of colourful moments. As the paint touches the canvas, it feeds my soul, each piece, a step along my journey. The passion in movement and the marks, an expression of my love to dance with life."

Susan Aggarwal.


The exhibition runs from:

Thursday 8th September until Tuesday 18th October 2016


Please call the CCA Gallery on 0161 273 5495 for any sales enquiries, thank you.


Claire Turner

CCA Founder

The Lowry Hotel 

50 Dearmans Place | Salford | Manchester | M3 5LH

The exhibition continues until Tuesday 9th August 2016 

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The Lowry Hotel September 2016