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Comme Ca Art is undisputedly one of the most established Art Dealer / Gallerists in Manchester. Having set up in 1994 the company set out to saturate the city with art through the use of alternative venues. In 2004 Comme Ca Art embarked on a new collaboration with The Lowry Hotel bringing the first 24 Hour Gallery space to the city. 


The exhibitions, curated by Comme Ca Art centre around artists who have an affiliation with Manchester and the exhibition opening on Thursday 1st December features the latest artist to join Comme Ca Art, Papi of ‘Be Illuminated’.


Roger Taylor affectionately known as ‘Papi’ to his friends is a self taught artist working in the medium of light.

Papi started his creative journey training as an actor in New York at Lee Strasbourg theatre institute where he studied his craft for a number of years. 

He then moved onto working as a creative director for some of New York’s hottest night clubs creating sets for their weekly shows.

In recent years Papi has moved to Manchester and set up his own design studio where he uses traditional tools and methods to hand sculpt metal and form a fusion of light and art. 

He has also worked collaboratively with some well known street artists resulting in international exhibitions from London to Tokyo.

All pieces are created using a mild steel that is soaked in sea water to accelerate the rusting process. Papi has had numerous sell out shows in London over the last 2 years and the pieces that he creates are either one offs or limited to 7 pieces only. 


Papi’s ‘Be Illuminated’ light sculptures are highly desirable objects. There are references to tattoos in some of the light sculptures; from Mermaids, Swallows and Butterflies to Hearts & Daggers but Papi’s imagination doesn't end there. 


He also creates interactive sculptures, one of which has become something of an Instagram sensation. Two huge wings, titled ‘Wings of Desire’ glow with the warmth of hundreds of filament bulbs and are positioned on the wall encouraging the viewer to interact with them. The last remaining 2 editions of Wings of Desire will form part of the exhibition at the Lowry Hotel. 


Papi has a strong sense of ambition and drive when it comes to creating the works. Comme Ca Art & Be Illuminated are both based in Hope Mill in the Ancoats area of Manchester City centre. Papi can often be seen working late into the night, with the glow from his sculptures illuminating the windows of his studio. His exhibition at the Lowry Hotel promises to be just as seductive. 

Come See Comme Ca! 


The exhibition runs from:

Thursday 1st December 2016 until Tuesday 17th January 2017


The Lowry Hotel 

50 Dearmans Place | Salford | Manchester | M3 5LH


Please call the CCA Gallery on 0161 273 5495 for any sales enquiries, thank you.


Claire Turner

CCA Founder


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