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COME SEE COMME CA - The Lowry Hotel - EXHIBITION #006 / 2022


COME SEE COMME CA at The Lowry Hotel


50 DEARMANS PLACE | MANCHESTER | M3 5LH | EX DATES: 23.11.22 - 24.01.23


We can’t quite believe it’s the final exhibition of 2022 at The Lowry Hotel, this year has flown. 


We are super excited to bring four artists together. Some of whom have worked with Comme Ca Art for some years and some who are new to our gallery. All four artists have their own unique style and proved to be a hit at the recent Manchester Art Fair. 


The exhibition is open daily from 10:00 - 22:00 so Come See Comme Ca at The Lowry Hotel and check out the works of Big H, Rebecca Davy, Jamie Jones and Mr Eggs. And if you can’t make it over, we have Limited Edition Prints on the Comme Ca Art Online Store and Rebecca Davy miniature paintings. The perfect gift for a loved one. 


While studying Graphic Design in College and Fine Art at University Henry Chan, AKA BIG H, was influenced by Pop Art, Graffiti, Traditional Fine Art and artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Henri Matise, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Banksy, whose use of imagery and sometimes vibrant colours reminded him of his youth. 
BIG H’s art is mainly a mixture of graffiti and pop art with popular culture often his subject matter. His art satirises current issues in society such as celebrity culture, power and commercialism.
BIG H wants to arouse the senses and stir the spirit and wants his art to visually stimulate the observer through strong images, colour, patterns and words.
BIG H often enjoys the look and feel of tight and accurate geometric lines mixed with strong vibrant colours and bold patterns often surrounding a central figure from the world of popular culture. All of BIG H’s works are hand-painted. 


Comme Ca Art became aware of Carl Camera’s artworks through Instagram. His love of calligraphy, mixed with his street art style of painting executed perfectly on the canvas surface didn’t disappoint when we invited Carl over to the gallery to show us his works. 

His unapologetic use of vivid fuchsia and bright yellow colours only adds to the beauty of his calligraphy craftsmanship. Carl is full of ideas of how he can transcend his work from the canvas to other surfaces including furniture, lighting and interior structures. 


Rebecca Davy’s primary concern when creating her artworks is the act of painting itself. Her focus is on what she describes as “the seductiveness and sensuousness of pushing paint on canvas”. She is particularly attracted to painting the colourful, the ephemeral and the kitsch, constructing paintings with a strong element of light and colour that satisfies both the subject and its medium.

For her, sticky and colourful things such as sweets and icing are good subjects for the visceral qualities of paint. Bringing these two elements together produces a new realm between kitsch and the hyper real, paintings that flow into being from the artist’s imagination.

Rebecca Davy is a Manchester based artist. Since completing her MA in Fine Art in 2006, she has taken part in exhibitions abroad, and featured in exhibitions in London and Liverpool. She is truly one of our favourite realist artists. 


Jamie Jones is a relative newcomer to the art world, despite having a huge passion for art and creativity in his youth. A successful  20 year career in the drinks industry put a pause on any artwork being created, yet art featured heavily in the countless cocktail menus Jamie curated around the world.

It was in April 2020 when he decided a career change was needed and started teaching himself to draw and paint again. Since then, Jamie’s original work has been sold to collectors all over the world and he has exhibited a number of times in both Manchester and Cyprus (with a sell out exhibition in October 2022), where Jamie now resides and where his studio is based.

Jamie Jones absorbed the artistic and illustrative pop-culture of the 80s and early 90s and is especially influenced by the positivity of Saturday-morning cartoons, toys, comic books, graffiti and hip-hop.

Playful, bigger-than-life characters, bold neon colour palates and styles set across multiple mediums. Jamie’s work whilst always experimental, is an expression of his inner child, contradicted by a jaded optimism from life experiences.


Born and bread Mancunian, Mr Eggs is proud of his working class roots. From humble beginnings to discovering Street Art in his teenage years, Mr Eggs travelled far and fast. 

Then life got in the way. After a hiatus of several years when numerous obstacles fell at his feet, he’s back. Why? Why not. 

Many of the works on display originated on walls across the North West of England. Mr Eggs believes first and foremost, art should be accessible and what's more accessible than a brick wall? The press certainly seemed to agree with him and after his works appeared in the national news and on TV, Mr Eggs began to work on Limited Edition prints and one-off paintings of his works, bringing them into a gallery environment for the first time with Comme Ca Art. That’s not to say you won’t find a Mr Eggs artwork popping up in a neighbourhood near you… 

People have said his work is uplifting, it speaks to them. Art can be a form of social commentary and Mr Eggs brushes and cans are his mouthpiece. 



CLAIRE TURNER | | T: +44 (0) 161 273 5495



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