Elizabeth Neville loves people watching. She gains inspiration from people in everyday, natural situations. Her aim is to capture peoples’ expressions and body language and convey their character and emotion with the style in which she paints them. Her work should is immediate, dramatic and captures the odd stance that demonstrates what that person is feeling at that moment in time.  


Much of her work is based on the cinematography of Film Director Jean Luc Godard. She is greatly inspired by his films, the emotional tension in his characters, his dramatic use of lighting, capturing this one moment, frozen in time.


Elizabeth’s work suggests strong atmosphere and it is her intention to create very emotional work that draws the viewer in.  It focuses on a range of fundamental human emotions, providing key evidence for the viewer to decode and perhaps draw their own conclusions.  Elizabeth’s aim is to investigate and represent how sensitive and complex the human character can be.


Portraiture has always been central to her practice and she relishes the challenge and excitement of taking on a new portrait commission. Elizabeth enjoys focusing her attention on all the little elements that make a face unique, with the intention of achieving an insightful likeness. Portraits can be commissioned in either colour or monochrome.


Elizabeth’s paintings are created by building up layers of acrylic paint on solid sweet chestnut or oak, enhancing the natural, unique qualities of painting onto the wooden surface.

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