Hannah Wooll studied at Norwich School of Art, where she received the May Cristea Award for Fine Art for her final show. She then went on to gain a 1st Class Degree in Fine Art, Painting at Manchester Metropolitan University. Finally completing her studies at the Royal Academy School of Art.


Hannah Wooll’s work has always been concerned with imagery that is slightly off kilter, exaggerated or fabricated. The portraits of women who at first glance are beautiful and uncomplicated then reveal themselves to be anything but, subverted from the magazine pages and old master paintings from which their heritage derives; laying sloth like in dead winter trees which belong in Technicolor film sets, or starkly lit in deliberately contrived and manufactured environments which are oddly dreamlike. 


More recently her paintings have been inspired by uncanny museum painted dioramas, figures strategically lit by phosphorescent fish tanks, and reflections in glazed paintings; portraits within portraits, gaze upon gaze. The paint itself is as powerful an enticement as the carefully chosen imagery; a slippery, fallible, distortive tool, rendering limbs and features clumsy and unreal, existing to be just a painted mark, which in itself lends a surreal layer of reference.

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