Fanny Gogh is a pseudo name for the Manchester based artist Sian Elizabeth.

Sian was given the name by a U.K tabloid after she used ladies lingerie in her mixed media painting of a knickerbokaglory ice cream desert. Since then the name has stuck as celebrities from all over the world send the fun loving artist their 'smalls' to be part of her knickerbokerglories. The saucy pieces of art have raised thousands of pounds for various charities.


Whilst Fanny Gogh is close to her heart, exhibiting under her true name gives Sian a chance to explore and celebrate her life as an artist. Her large scale, strikingly beautiful abstract paintings lend themselves to her past as a textile designer and her new found love of colour.  


“I love to look at and study layers and light.. 

The majority of my previous work, even private commissions were drenched in black and grey tones and I found it quite painful to paint clean bright colours.

I also painted very freely and wild with flicks, splashes and fast brush strokes.

A calmer brighter approach is now a great passion.


As I looked more in to the close ups of my favourite precious stone ‘the opal’ it became apparent that the sequence of shapes and patterns mirrored close up microscopic views of all types of nature.

Human skin, animal skin ‘patterns’ DNA, Plants, stone, the earth, space, rocks and so on ... 

Acrylic was the obvious choice to help me create illusions of transparency and layers .

The layers became symbiotic of my emotions, personality and life.” Sian Elizabeth



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