Simon Taylor graduated in 1994 in Fine Art painting from Manchester University and since then has exhibited nationally and internationally.


His works have been used for television productions and a variety of publications worldwide. His paintings are collected internationally and he has works in public collections after winning the prestigious Sefton Open art prize in 2006.


His painting process is complex: working from photographs taken from magazines, life and film stills. Each image is dis-assembled and de-constructed from the original source and context then re-assembled. The images are re-edited to create new narratives, which exist only on the painted surface of his works. Characters are given the freedom to interact with themselves and/or different backdrops, manipulating the time and space that they originally inhabited.


The finished works are painted using acrylic paint onto various surfaces including canvas, wood panels and aluminium.


He has completed a number of solo exhibitions in galleries in London, Manchester, Southport and Huddersfield He has also exhibited in group exhibitions in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Milan, Brussels, Utrecht and the USA.

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