Sophie Nixon graduated with a degree in Fine Art from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. After returning to Manchester in 2004, she spent seven years working as an artist at Bankley Art Studios in Levenshulme. More recently, Sophie has built a painting studio at home and is as productive as ever in her passion for her art. 

Sophie’s paintings are inspired by her life, the conflict between her busy career and social life in Manchester and the slower pace of the time she gets to paint and travel around Europe, especially Italy where her father lives. These two sides to her are played out in the dramatically different styles of painting; vivid representations of the buildings and people that form her cityscapes, capturing the essence of the sulphuric lights and blurred visions of a Manchester night to the sublimely calm, bright sunlight casting shadows on a lone building or figure. Whichever scene Sophie is painting she is always drawn to a particular person or event. 

Sophie works from life, spending time drawing and photographing the scene she will paint and prefers the medium of oil paint.

Whilst drawing her life, Sophie is also inspired by other painters, primarily the works of Hopper, Lowry and Rothko and has been more recently introduced to the works of McFadyen and Ben McLaughlin. 

Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions at The Lowry Hotel, Augenweide Gallery, Arison Gallery, The White Gallery, Novus Art Gallery, Bankley Open Studios, Chorlton Arts Festival and Sale Waterside Open. She is a founder member and co-ordinator of the Sale Arts Trail. 



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