Ruth Moilliet produces highly finished metal and glass sculptures inspired by the plant kingdom. In her work she aims to draw the viewer’s attention to both the overall spectacle and individual beauty of a plant or flower.  An initial response to a flower is that it is a delicate and beautiful object, something that can be picked or crushed.  This may be true of an individual bloom but a plants continued lifecycle and relentless growth makes them the longest surviving organism on the planet.


Her work is often inspired by her close study of a particular species and the intricate forms she discovers.  The finished pieces and the materials used explore the apparent fragility of an individual plant contrasted with its ability to sustain existence through ongoing lifecycles.  Her more recent work has studied relationships within nature and the co-existence that occurs to ensure a species continued survival.


Her sculptures are predominantly made from metal and often incorporate colour and different finishes adding texture and contrasts in the work.  She combines other materials such as glass and acrylic to enhance the designs she produces and the particular project she is working on.  


As well as her metal sculptures she produces work made with layers of float glass.  These incorporate real flowers as well as photographic, ceramic fired and sandblasted images of flowers.  This work studies the human need for preservation and aims to reflect the profusion of growth found in flowers both in an individual bloom and when growing en-mass.

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